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International Tourism Association of Professionals
International Tourism Association of Professionals
International Tourism Association of Professionals
International Tourism Association of Professionals
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Welcome to ITAP World

ITAP (International Tourism Association of Professionals) is the international organization which is created for the support of travel agents and tour operators of an average and small link and also for the support new young companies which have just come to the business market and are ready to work day and night, and for everyone who is related with tourism activity: hotels, guides, transport companies and etc. The main aim of ITAP is to unite all the tourism structures into unique system in order to provide prosper work.


Payments discussion

The ITAP members are asking us about the opportunity to earn money on booking. They want to help to input the hotels into our system. The only question is about the payments. If you want to take part...

A new module

A new module for installation on your sites will be released before the end of the week. The new module will help to start searching according to the dates, and the on-line booking. The new module...


You have the possibility to paste information and news about your country into our webpage, but without the advertisement of your companies. ...

Security guards!

Dear colleagues and members of ITAP! We have information that some members of ITAP tried to connect to ITAP-WORLD system new partners with the payment. The security system Of ITAP checked this. Such...

Active Coordinators

New members

Levan Baramidze

Hello, my name is Leo, I live in Georgia, Tbilisi & I know this place better than even most of the people, who grew up here, because I like traveling and discovering new interesting places here in Georgia. Offering my help for your comfortable stay during your visiting/traveling across the Georgia (also working with tourists on a budget) Providing assisting/guide services across the country for the tourists from different countries, organizing stay (hotel,apartment,hostel).

Armenuhi Manukyan

Hi, I am Armenuhi, 46. I come from sunny Armenia which is known as the first country to adopt Christianity as a state religion. Hence, it is abundant in old churches which are worth to be visited and admired. As for me, I am an experienced and knowledgable tour guide with a good sense of humor and positive energy which I am ready share with others. If chosen, I will make your stay and tours in and within Armenia unforgetable and informative.

JAS Tours

A little about JAS tours.. We are a full-service tour company, catering to everyone from backpackers to luxury travelers. We love to share the beauty and culture of Sri Lanka with the world. From beautiful beaches with water sports and whale watching to the Mountains of nature and lush greenery. With wild life safaris and ancient kingdoms.

Agencija Epic Adventure

Epic Adventure Agency organizes outdoor recreational and adventure activities in Serbia. Our programs include hiking, cultural and other tours, adventure races and activities, children and corporate events for individuals, small and large groups. We offer logistic support, organization and guide services.

New partners


As a guest in our hotel you will find our spacious rooms to be well appointed with all of the extras you expect in hotels. We have squares feet of meeting space and banquet facilities available for your scheduled meetings and events. As a guest you will enjoy recreational amenities.


For a passionate traveller, travel turns out to be the best teacher throughout the life. From cultural diversity, lifestyle, dialect, to cuisine and people, one gains a great knowledge about all. Other than the knowledge, the craze about travel nurtures your heart in all ways. Nature in this context contributes the most. Well, the joy just doubles if Luna Eco Camp accompanies you.


Kasbah Ennakhile offers 15 rooms, a restaurant area, a leisure terrace tent and private parking. The Hotel is located on a panoramic edge where you can see all of the Nkob village and its kasbahs, the Tamazight Oasis and the surrounding mountains. A truly amazing place.


One name to luxury in divinity - LaTigre. All our 14 villas are designed to offer you the maximum in comfort, luxury and safety. Large bay windows offering a spectacular view of the surrounding Himalayan mountain & valley (Note : Ramganga river view is not available in all villas and please enquire if your preference is to have a river view included). Rich furnishings reflecting the traditional skills of local craftsmen.



 At present moment there is unspent money at the association.  The total sum of money reaches 122 000 dollars.So what we need?New ideas concerning the mini project of present value are...


Dear hotel managers!ITAP HOTELS CATALOG is started.  The aim of project is to create a base of hotels with actual information, which can be used by IT companies for development of potential web...


Looking for a simple, secure, affordable booking system? That's what you get with ITAP-WORLD System.You also get a friendly team of carefully selected professionals who knows the product, will...


Good day Dear Colleagues!Greetings from ITAP (International Tourism Association of Professionals). ITAP provide you the opportunity as for a guide or (Agency, tour operator, hotel, transport...