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Awesome of Indonesia

With more than 17,000 islands – ranging from palm-fringed islets to the leviathan bulk of Sumatra – Indonesia's natural diversity is showcased amid more than 1.9 million sq km straddling the equator and stretching from the Indian Ocean to the Pacific. Volcanic peaks rise from lush jungle, the underwater world is revealed in the planet's finest diving locations, and surprising wildlife ranges from giant reptiles to gentle denizens of the forest.
BALI Island
Is a small beautiful island and a part of Indonesia archipelago. It own the panorama and unique culture that make this island is exclusively than others and apple has made Bali famous around the world..
Komodo National Park
Sunbaked and barren, Komodo stands apart from other more verdant Indonesian islands, and the island's most celebrated species is also singular and surprising. The world's biggest lizard can grow up to three metres-long, and Komodo dragons are often seen lumbering along the beach by visitors arriving at the national park's main camp at Loh Liang. Guided walks with national park staff continue for 30 minutes to a dry riverbed at nearby Banu Nggulung where the huge monitor lizards are often seen. Two-day/one-night boat trips to Komodo depart from raffish Labuanbajo on nearby Flores, and day trips to Rinca – where the dragons also roam – are possible from Labuanbajo.

Tanjung Puting National Park
Wildlife watching and river adventures combine in this massive 4150 sq km park in central Kalimantan, the Indonesian southern part of Borneo. Rustic but comfortable river boats travel up the Sungai Sekoneyer, stopping at orangutan feeding stations during a three-day journey en route to Camp Leakey, a rehabilitation centre where orphaned and formerly captive orangutans are trained to live in the wild. Stellar birdlife including darting kingfishers and regal hornbills is often revealed along the river's banks, and local operators including Borneo Orangutan Adventure Tour can arrange private trips on the Sekonyer's signature two-storey teak houseboats dubbed klotok.

Raja Ampat Islands
Remote near the northwestern tip of far-flung Papua Island, the scattered waters of Raja Ampat host the world's greatest diversity of marine life. Above a translucent ocean, rounded hills enrobed in tropical forest surround a labyrinth of compact coves and improbably small islets, providing sublime diversion to the underwater spectacle. Manta rays and epaulette sharks drift through a technicolour seascape of pristine coral, while shoals of barracuda and parrotfish patrol the diverse marine terrain punctuated with underwater walls, peaks and ridges. Snorkelling, kayaking and birdwatching are all essential attractions for non-divers, and live-aboard boat cruises – often on Bugis-style heritage schooners – are the best way to explore Raja Ampat.

Kelimutu National Park
Best discovered at sunrise after a meandering minibus journey from nearby Moni, three intensely coloured volcanic lakes sit atop the summit of Kelimutu on the eastern island of Flores. Two of the exceptionally deep crater lakes regularly change colour – driven by the continuous leaching of different minerals – and the indigo smudge of a Flores dawn illuminates contrasting hues ranging from brown and orange through to black and red. All the while, Kelimutu's third lake is daubed an iridescent shade of turquoise, glowing through the half-light slowly revealing Kelimutu's sparse lunar landscape.